The VS145 PowerPC™ PCI card delivers an outstanding combination of computational and I/O performance in a compact, industry standard form factor. On its own or as part of a multiprocessing system, the VS145 is a powerful engine for embedded computing in industrial, military and commercial applications. The VS145 utilises a third generation PowerPC™ G4+ CPU - the Motorola MPC745x family. This device has a highly advanced superscaler architecture to delivering exceptional integer and floating point performance.
The PowerPC™ G4+ benefits from a highly efficient 100MHz system bus and an AltiVec™ 128 bit vector processing engine which can perform four single precision floating point operations per clock cycle. Performance is further enhanced by 256kBytes on chip cache running at full core speed and 2MBytes L3.

Key Features

  • industry standard PCI full length card
  • Specification


    • 867MHz-1.3GHz+ PowerPC™ processor
    • Memory

    • 2MBytes fast DDR, L3 cache

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